Good in Good-bye xo

To our fabulous ones,

We’re drawing on inspo from Beyonce who captures it best when she sings….. 

“I found the good in good-bye.”

And we do.

Yes - shock, quelle horreur, nooooooo!

With the shifting sands of last year, our little business that could, was forced to hold up a (full length) mirror and take a long hard look. When we delved deeply, we could see that along with the many positive elements (all of you!), there were some parts that weren't perfectly hemmed.

Our belief in slow fashion is as strong as ever. Our belief in less is more, will not change. And our belief in you - our community of zesty, big-thinking trailblazers - will stay glued to our hearts.

Your support and friendship through our eight years has been pure joy. You are our treasure and our inspiration - we have loved every moment.

Thank you so very much.

We also thank the talents who have worked with us along the way - from design to production to fashion shows - many, many hands made this possible and we are incredibly grateful to one and all. 

Muchas gracias amigos and don't be strangers - we will be kicking around and always up for a chat, coffee or vino o'clock.

Big love to you,

Alexia, Sophie and Alfie xoxoxo



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