Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution continues to grow! Launched six years ago in response to the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh where more than 1100 garment workers lost their lives - consumers are pushing back and asking the question - Who Made My Clothes?

The idea is to make all brands and manufacturers accountable for making sure that the teams of people who work for them are treated fairly, paid fairly and work in safe conditions. Not a big ask you would say...

We're a little different in the way that we manufacture. Unlike many brands who make offshore, we choose to manufacture locally in Sydney. We are out at our makers during the production process, seeing with our own eyeballs the pieces being made in the factories. We have direct relationships with the owners of these businesses and talk with the makers and cutters who are working on our styles. It's this direct contact that allows us to be confident in knowing how our clothing is being made. And it's also working with manufacturers that are either accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia or have been in business for many years.

We'd like to introduce you to the fabulous makers who have worked on our winter 2019 collection. 

Thank you Thi! Thi works at Sphinx Australia and is one of the machinists who has been sewing our shirts and pants. Her favourite colour is yellow and she prefers singing over dancing.

Thank you Tung! Tung works the button hole machine like a magician and also works at Sphinx Australia. 

Thank you Tom! Tom and his dad, Hassan have owned Sphinx for more than 30 years. Tom loves rock music and has a penchant for Jimmy Barnes. Sphinx is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Thank you Li! Li has Greenway International and is another manufacturer accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. Li loves to dance the disco and has another big love of birds, so much so that Nunu her parrot is often part of our visit.

Thank you George! Along with being a Al Pacino impersonator and extra's in Australian movies, George cuts the cloth. Lightweight sheers to heavy wools - all fabrics are welcome.

Thank you Patricia! Patricia and her partner, Tito have had their manufacturing business, Patti's Fashion for more than 30 years. They are located in a open warehouse in Chippendale, Patricia and her team work wonders with tailoring, intricate stitching and fine fabrics. Patricia is originally from Colombia, loves to listen to salsa music and looooves to cook - paella on the top of her list.

A very big thank you to all of the fabulous people who help create our collections each season: pattern makers, graders, cutters, machinists, buttonhole makers, finishers and the people who deliver.






So cool to meet the makers!! What a team!



thank you for the above inform on “who makes our clothes” I just love that sort of info and I am the sticky beak type who is now of an age and dont care what questions I ask and to whom……we need this sort of info……….they all look so very happy with what they do or did you bribe them……..the music combo must be interesting …..Good Luck


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