Ethics of Fashion
Big question that one - and rife with contradictions. We were only reading yesterday that ASOS is going to stop using silk in its collections from 2019 - instead, using alternatives like man made fabrics. So a win for the silk worms but a lose for non-degradable landfill. It's a tricky one girls. And there is not one right answer. 

Enter the world of ethics. Our choices. And we are very fortunate to have the freedom to make these choices. We as a business and as designers truly believe that the best way to ethically produce is to produce only what is desired. Made to order. Limit production and we limit waste across the entire supply chain from the creation of fabrics to the manufacturing of clothing.

You girls know it - and for that we are also truly grateful.

Big thank you to the Ethics Centre for having us on the panel to discuss the Ethics of Fashion along side Zoltan Csaki from Citizen Wolf and  Circular Fashion Advocate, Camille Reed.



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