Celebrating Black Fridye

So you’ve heard of Black Friday (yeah who doesn’t love a bargain….)… but have you heard of Black Fridye?

Black Fridye is an initiative our good friends Citizen Wolf started in 2018 with the aim of “hijacking Black Friday to end disposable fashion for good”. 

How? It’s all about extending the life of the clothes that are hanging in our wardrobes. Those shirts with stains, those jeans that have seen better days, those pieces that have lost their zing? Citizen Wolf will breathe new life into them by dyeing them black!

We looooove this initiative and are so excited to be jumping on board this year - after all, slowing down the fast fashion train is what Good Day Girl is all about. We’re huge supporters of extending the life of what’s already living in your wardrobe. You might remember when we up-cycled our white sample Paddington Shirts and dyed them Shibori style…

But enough about us… we’re sure you want to know how it works, so here’s how to play:

  1. Rifle through your wardrobe and hunt out some pieces you want to refresh

Think pieces you love, but haven’t worn in a while - maybe you spilled wine on that dress last summer, or sunscreen has turned your white shirt a bit yellow, or your best fitting jeans ever are just looking sad.....

Garments made from natural fibres (such as cotton, silk, linen, hemp) tend to have the best results, anything synthetic or protein-based won’t work (e.g. polyester, lycra, elastane). That said you could give a “stretch jean” a go - as long as its only about 3% elastane.

  1. Jump online to the super swanky Black Fridye site

Once you’ve decided what pieces you want to transform, buy your credits to dye them black. 

  • Tops are $19
  • Bottoms are $29
  • Outerwear is $39
  • Dresses are $49

They do a good job here at showing us how much water you save, how much carbon you save by re-dyeing instead of buying.

You have from the 27 November to Friday 4 December to buy your dye credits.

  1. Send in your clothes to Citizen Wolf

You’ll need to get your pieces to Citizen Wolf by Christmas, if you’re in Sydney, you can drop them off directly to Citizen Wolf or pop them into the post.

Citizen Wolf will get workin’ to dye your clothes noir baby! Rest assured the dye is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and is done locally in Sydney.

  1. Wear it! 

Come February ‘21 your black is back styles will be sent to you, ready for rocking!

Making the most out of what you've already got - we like!




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