Bulibasha Sandals

Summer sandals are in! We are so excited to be offering you a selection of gorgeous slides from Bulibasha

Bulibasha is a socially driven business that aims to create a sustainable source of income for rural Balinese communities, where employment would otherwise be unavailable. 

Each pair is handmade using artisanal hand weaving techniques and can take up to two days to make! All of Bulibasha’s artisan makers work from home and in their own time frame - very cool stuff.

The sandals themselves are made from natural materials, such as coconut and palm leaves The leaves are harvested and treated in the most environmentally-friendly ways, thanks to support from local Indonesian communities and small businesses. 

For this summer, we have chosen three different styles in a range of colours that go back with our Good Day Girl Summer 2020 collection - wohoo!

Delivery will be late November.




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