So last Wednesday we had the biggest photoshoot of our Good Day Girl lives. Take nine players from the Australian Chamber Orchestra, one manager of the ACO, one director of photography, one video photographer, one stills photographer, one hair stylist, one makeup artist, one creative director, one catering queen, the talent of Sydney's floral designers and the three of us - no small do!

Why not go large when the future is uncertain!

While this year has created question marks around everything - some things remain steadfast, we still want to feel joy, we absolutely crave inspiration and we want to wowow ourselves in the talent of passionate people. Because it makes us feel good and if we feel good, then we can pass that good feeling onto others.

It was a huge day, where everyone worked together as a seamless team - we are lucky ducks and can't wait for the big reveal next week.

Here are some behind the scenes shots - big thank you to everyone involved!

Big thank you to the most wonderful....

The Australian Chamber Orchestra
Video - Louis English and Mitch Green
Stills - Nic Walker
Creative - Zoe Pollitt
Hair - Xarni Riggs at Mavis King salon
Makeup - Yen Hoang
Floral Joy - Grandiflora
Location - Pixon 
Jewellery - Dinosaur Designs
Vicki - catering queen and mum xo

And Kayleigh for taking all these shots and keeping us going!




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