Bilum + Bilas Jewellery

We are thrilled to be working with the wonderful Jess and her team of artisans at Bilum + Bilas, from Papua New Guinea. A beautiful collection of contemporary jewellery that pays homage to the traditional craft and the natural "bush rope" that has been used to create the iconic "Bilum" string bags. Above pictured is the team - Jess, Maureen, Betty and Selina. They also adopt a slower approach in their made-to-order model.
The fibres that make the bilums and the woven elements of the jewellery come from this local rappa plant. Selina grows it in her village and she then harvests it. 

It's then cleaned, processed by hand and laid in the sun to dry. The fibrous strands are twisted together as they are rolled along the artisan's thighs, this is called 'tanin rop' or turning rope.The bush rope is then handwoven using a technique called "looping" which creates a pattern similar to a figure eight.
The woven 'bush rop' is then combined with precious and semi-precious metals into contemporary designs that showcase this traditional weaving technique and natural iconic fibres. Here are the Tassel Hoops, a self-made party! $150.

Still with enough of a statement, here are the Hoops - $140.

Dancing drops mixing the silver and rose gold with the natural woven fibres - Yangoru earrings $180.

Light, lovely and subtle are the Studs in silver or gold $80.

We love the multiple use of metals mixed in with the natural fibre disk - Yangoru Necklace $190.

And for the tassel queens, Nuku Necklace $130. 


Available to order until 20 September 2018.

Thank you to Bilum + Bilas for the images.



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