Artist, Jeff McCann

It was September 2017 when we met the fabulous Jeff McCann. We’d been invited to talk at a City of Sydney creative industries event with the topic “It’s not as easy as you think.” On listening to Jeff wax lyrical about his own experiences - we took an immediate adoration for this talented being. And were like - WE NEED TO WORK WITH YOU!

 So nearly two years later here we are!Jeff is an artist whose work spans sculpture, fashion, visual installation, public art and performance. We fell in love with his whimsy and the way he sees often discarded materials being used. Street banners are hand cut into tassel tops or woven together to create dresses. Old cardboard boxes are cut into tiny rectangles and pieced together to create lattice that is then used as head wear, sunglass treatments or jewels - it’s fun, it’s theatrical and you can tap into your inner diva.

We need more of this in the world.

For Good Day Girl Summer 2019 - we wanted to explore the Feel Good Factor - it’s our driving force for the season...and beyond.. Jeff was the perfect playmate to showcase our styles in their upbeat glory. Here is how it all unfold…..

Collaborating with Jeff has been a joy - he is easy going, generous and makes us he delivered the goods. For inspiration follow this fine talent on Instagram or get in touch with him to play. Thank you lovely Jeff.





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