Alter Eco Chocolate - YUM!

If you came to our Fashion Show and into the salon this season, you would have wrapped your laughing gear around Alter Eco chocolate…..we sure did!

Apart from being addictively delicious and soooo low in sugar it’s practically a health food (Sarah Wilson has given the Super Blackout Bars her thumbs up), Alter Eco does good for its growers, makers and mother earth alike.

A fellow B Corp, they are pioneers in social entrepreneurism, working directly with small scale farmers and collectives in ways that enhance and protects the land on which they grow, while ensuring fair pay and conditions for their team. They are 100% organic, Fair Trade and Carbon Neutral - even their truffle wrappers are compostable.

YUM! You'll find Alter Eco at health food shops, Harris Farm, IGA stores and more details from their website here.




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