Australian Chamber Orchestra

The last couple of weeks has seen us fitting the players of the Australian Chamber Orchestra in their new on-stage attire we had the pleasure of designing. A major thrill!!!! Especially as some of the players brought along their instruments to do a test run - is there enough mobility in the tops to play, can they be comfortable, yet super stylin?

Having dressed your gorgeous bods for so many seasons, we really thrive on designing clothes that work across different silhouettes, heights and also varying style desires. One pondering was the technical elements - no buttons, shoulder lines needed to be a certain way so the instruments wouldn’t slip, pants that could sit and stand in high comfort yet with no adjustment, necklines that would not reveal too much, yet still look elegant, fabric that looked black onstage under the different lights.

And while we needed to create a uniform look, we also were sensitive to the player’s individual style preferences and how they want to present while performing. It’s another fabulous example of how we as individuals, really thrive when we are wearing clothes that suit both our bods and our personal styles.

The next step in this wonderful project is to have the individual player’s pieces made - all locally in Sydney, Australia - woot woot!

We cannot wait for the big reveal….but couldn’t help but show you just a little bit of tulle fun. And if you have a hankering for some music for your ears (and eyes) check out what the ACO have been doing in Home Casts.




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