Tracey Deep is a master of the unexpected. Whether it’s her floral sculptures that are made from a mixture of fresh and dried flowers and foliage through to her artworks created from found objects and collected pieces – it’s totally original and totally beautiful.

Her upcoming exhibition at Saint Cloche‘paperbark’ launches next week and runs until the 8 May 2016 – it’s going to be GOOD!

We popped into visit Tracey at her Redfern studio – looking hot to trot in her Good Day Girl check coat – woot woot!

Where do you draw your inspiration? Inspired by nature, obsessed with all their patterns, textures and natural tones. Love the shadows that nature throws, the light that radiates magical moments, nourishing my creative juices.

You have a show coming up soon - what delights are we in for? My upcoming exhibition 'paperbark' is a celebration of this magical natural world with all our stunning Australian landscape full of paperbark, ghost gums, giant eucalyptus, full of patterns, textures and poetic presence with the mystical fragrance of the bush, inspired all these works.

We know you love to forage – where is the most bizarre spot you have found materials? What were they? I find and rescue lots of textural industrial and organic material in Sydney lane ways, off main roads whenever my eye finds these inspiring materials, on coastal holidays, at school pick up, I'm always on the look out. They are just waiting patiently to be transformed into something new.

Any tricks for keeping your materials organised (Confessions of a hoarder)? My studio is overflowing with materials waiting to be transformed and works waiting to be hung in my upcoming exhibition. I rearrange constantly and keep finding pieces waiting for their transformation.

Favourite colour combinations that make you happy? I'm such an earth mother! I love all those natural tones and specially love autumn due to those warm earth tones.

Memories are in what we wear, what piece of clothing or accessory takes you immediately back to that moment? I love wearing one of my many scarves as they have lots of very special memories of all my previous exhibitions, they make such a beautiful statement and keep me warm and relaxed – they are also a celebration of favourite season, autumn.

Do you plan what you are wearing the night before or do you reach for whatever is closest when you get dressed in the morning? I have some things out the night before, especially for my early market mornings, other than that, I just improvise and put something playful on that usually has a crazy pattern or textures and always earth tones. I dress like my work! Hilarious!

How important is it that your clothes are functional? Functional clothing for my work is so important, I need to feel free and roomy so I have a good energy flow and it helps me to focus on creating! It can be very physical so comfort and low maintenance are very important. Nothing is ever ironed.

How do you like to relax? What music are you listening to? Relaxation for me is yoga, a walk in the park or listening to classical music whilst I'm playing with ideas. I find classical music the best for my creativity, it's calming and non obtrusive and can open up more inspiration and ideas, keeps everything flowing. A happy place.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life – what would you choose? Oh my gosh - my favourite thing would have to be a coffee or glass of red! Oooops, also pawpaw and blackberries……raspberries. Oooops - too hard to choose. Sashimi!!! Aaahhh! X

A big thank you to Tracey for letting us into her gorgeous studio - so much beauty in that room! Follow Tracey on her Instagram account - @floralsculptures

And merci, merci to Dean Tirkot for the great photos.




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