Those who work with flowers can only be full of the greatest passion – they march through the regular (very) early mornings, the physicality, the thorns – creating incredible beauty from nature’s own, to flutter our hearts. Saskia Havekes and her talented team at Grandiflora are outstanding in their field. The giving and receiving of a Grandiflora creation is equally wonderful.

Through the special friendship of Alexia and Sasksia, Good Day Girl has been the very lucky recipient of this talented floral force – every season our Salon welcomes new creations to suit our new collection’s Trunk Show. We greatly admire Saskia’s talent – from business owner to florist, to designer to her latest creation, the most stunning eau de parfum, Grandiflora Fragrance. So it was with great pleasure that we were able to photograph Saskia in her Good Day Girl “The Shirt” at her floral cave, Grandiflora.

Bearing in mind your massive life-load, is there one thing that helps you to relax? Short trips to Currawong beach, Palm Beach and watching my daughter show jumping.

What colour combinations make you feel happy? Green and blue because they are the most prominent colours of nature and they have proven to help people relax.

Memories are in what we wear, what piece of clothing or accessory takes you immediately back to that moment. My Dries Van Noten jacket that was given to me by Cristina Ong after we created an installation for Club 21′s, 35th anniversary show.

What music are you listening to? Bill Callahan and Schubert.

If you had to only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would that be (it could be a meal)? The steamed tofu and salt bush dumplings at Billy Kwong.

With so many achievements and incredible events that you have designed – what is it that gets you excited about a new project? The availability of local seasonal flowers and the excitement of transforming an environment and people’s hearts and minds.

Dare we ask, favourite flower? Or are they all your favourite children? Most definitely the magnolia grandiflora is my all time favourite, it takes my breath away every time I see it.

Do you plan what you are wearing the night before or do you reach for whatever is closest when you get dressed in the morning? Always plan the night before due to my very early start carrying arm full of flowers, location scouting, meeting with brides and having to dress for an all-round practical day sometimes a quick change to go out for an event in the evening.

How important is it that your clothes are functional? Exceptionally important – anything that prevents the reveal of my mid-drift is welcome .

On wearing Good Day Girl, one word to describe how it feels: Practical.

Thank you for playing with us Saskia and to Dean Tirkot for the beautiful photos.




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