Paddington has been Patricia’s home for 25 years, she loves the magic tree in Trumper Park, “If you own a leaf from the Trumper tree, no harm can come to thee”. Throughout the seasons she loves the scents of Paddington – especially the jasmine, magnolia and frangipani. When asked the one thing she misses from France….”I miss the French visuals and some days I pine for my native city of Lyon, classified World Heritage Site, the historic city between two rivers. I catch myself yearning for softer lighting and Haussmann style Parisian apartment buildings. I like the colour grey (see the Good Day Girl jacket that I wear à ma façon).”

If you have a yearning for France, check out Alliance Française, where Patricia is on the board – you can “French-up”, as she quips!

Thank you Patricia and Dean Tirkot for taking the snaps!




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