We have a serious style crush on Lesley Crawford – whenever we see her, we want to bow. Here are our top five reasons why we love her so:

1. Lesley understands fashion is transformative and wears “how she feels” or “how she wants to feel”

2. Lesley is interested in how pieces are created – eyes light-up on the fabrics, cuts, details, make, the finish…

3. Lesley doesn’t follow any rule book, she creates her own and then re-writes it

4. Lesley is always so enthusiastic and supportive for designers at any level (she once visited me when I had a makeshift studio above my mums garage)

5. Lesley always looks HOT! We want to wear it like she does.

If you are swooned then check our Lesley’s Instagram account – she is on a mission to “shop her wardrobe” this year, creating super combos from what she has – take a look here.

Quick background? Prior to being Network Stylist at SBS, I worked as a freelance set decorator, art director, production designer on TV commercials, TV series and movies for 20 years.

Favourite perfect colour clash? Love blue and green

You are the star of creating an original look – is there one tip you could divulge on how you pull an outfit together? I don’t really have any rules, every day is different. I do like to mix it up and not be pigeonholed in one particular look. I looove accessories but right now I am not wearing as many as I used to and am going for a cleaner look. This could change anytime though and good to know I have the option. My starting point is probably the nail polish colour I have on my toes and work up from there. Dressing for me is my creative outlet. I treat my body like a 3 dimensional canvas.

Memories are in what we wear, what piece takes you immediately back to that moment or person? I have a beautiful jade and ebony necklace that I bought in Paris after lusting for it for many days. It makes me feel happy every time I wear it and reminds me of five wonderful weeks that I spent there with my darling husband. It is definitely one of those heirloom pieces.

What music are you listening to? I love  music! This week it is Waldeck. I also love Patti Smith, London Grammar, Chet Faker, Amy Winehouse, Barry White, Lorde, Fat Freddys Drop, Wyclef Jean, Jane Tyrell, Timmy Thomas…

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would that be? Oysters! I was born in Invercargill, New Zealand, so grew up on Bluff oysters. Also, I am known as the salad queen – I love tomatoes and salads in general.

Favourite city to be inspired by what people are wearing? Paris from the cities that I have visited.

Do you plan what you are wearing the night before or do you reach for whatever is closest when you get dressed in the morning? I often work out what I am going to wear the next day and have it all laid out including accessories and bag . Then in the morning I change my mind. My husband finds it very amusing having watched me workshop it all the night before and especially as I have a tight schedule in the morning……I walk the dogs for 45 mins then go to North Sydney pool and do an aqua aerobics class, so I don’t have lot of time to rethink the outfit!

How important is it that your clothes are functional? It is very important that my clothes are functional and I have a definite preference for pants and tops as I find them easy to race around in all day.

Favourite flower? Oriental lilies

One word to describe how it feels wearing Good Day Girl? I feel fabulous!

A very big thank you to Lesley for playing with us at Bondi, it was also most lovely to have Amanda Ryan “on set”.

And of course a massive grazie to Dean Tirkot for doing such a gorgeous job with the photography.





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