Fashion stylist, Inez Garcia knows how to put it together – it’s her skill, talent and career. As followers of her style blog, Inez Daily, we enjoy her clean eye for fashion locally and from around the world. We asked Inez to style her Good Day Girl Great White Shirt five ways. From chilling out with her boys to heading out for an evening with friends – this wardrobe piece gets a chic workout.

Favourite perfect colour clash?

I love mixing colours up so this is always changing but at the moment it’s royal purple + mustard.

Is there a present or past day style icon who you draw inspiration from? I love the way both Yasmin Sewell and Elise Pioch have mastered the perfect balance of manstyle tailoring with a spirited, feminine edge.

Memories are in what we wear, what piece of clothing or accessory takes you immediately back to that moment?

My Cartier Tank Francaise watch. It was a gift from my husband just before the birth of our first son and so holds such wonderful memories.

We know you love your record player – what do you listen to for relaxing?

Bonobos – Black Sands

Mayer Hawthorne – How Do You Do

Quiet Village – Silent Movie

Do you plan what you are wearing the night before or do you reach for whatever is closest when you get dressed in the morning?

Whilst I like to give the impression that I’ve calmly considered my outfit, the reality is very different. As the mother to two very busy little boys, I’m generally afforded approximately 3.5 minutes to get dressed in the morning!

How important is it that your clothes are functional?

Very. But I’m also strongly of the belief that being functional does not require a tradeoff off with style. The two can quite happily (and handsomely) coexist.

As a stylist, is there one element that you always start with when putting an outfit together? Is it the colour, the silhouette or an article like shoes or jacket?

Personally, it’s always shoes. I choose my shoes based around what I’ll be doing that day (i.e sneakers vs sandals vs heels vs loafers) and the rest just happens from there. Professionally I am not so restricted and much more open to the whims of fashion fancy.

If you had to only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would that be (it could be a meal)?

This is a tricky one as I love, love, love great food and eating out but if we’re being totally honest, I do have a particular soft spot for the perfect combo of red wine and french fries.


Thank you Inez for playing with us!

Thanks also to Dean Tirkot for the great shots.

Inez is wearing our Good Day Girl Great White Shirt along with her own gorgeous clothes.



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