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Working from home has never looked so good! Dr Clara Vuletich is an expert in Sustainable Fashion. Based in Sydney, Clara studied at the University of the Arts London and gained a PHD in sustainable textiles. Among the feathers in her cap, Clara has presented at TEDX on ethical fashion and has recently launched a sustainability training programme for the fashion industry, working with Australian brands like Country Road, Spell & the Gypsy Collective and TigerLily Swimwear.

We love talking sustainability with Clara and were thrilled she was happy to test wear our new High Summer silk blouse - as a working from home style option.

What does the term "sustainable fashion" mean to you?
It means a fashion system that provides people with beautiful clothing that meets their authentic needs; that nourishes our ecosystems and natural resources; that supports workers in local or production countries with well-paid employment; that provides designers and creatives with meaningful work to do the job they were born to do – bring expression, colour, functionality and delight to peoples’ lives.

What’s the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you still constantly wear?
A 70’s quilted jacket by Cacharel that I bought 20 years ago in a market in London and still wear all the time.

What is one thing that keeps you motivated?
Making the world a better place for my son and grandchildren, setting goals around career and home life and learning to be a better person every single day  

Three things that make for a good day?

  • Meditation
  • Nature/swimming in the ocean
  • Coffee

Favourite activity when you are spending time on your own?
Swimming in the ocean, reading, listening to podcasts, meditation or the Inner Child work I’m doing with Lacy Philip’s To Be Magnetic platform.

Favourite activity when you are spending time with family and friends?
Cooking and sharing food in our garden, going on adventures down the coast to find walks and beaches.

What’s a sustainable behaviour you have adopted for the everyday?
I always take my own bags to do a grocery shop and a Keep Cup for my coffee.

One thing you have learnt about yourself this year?
It takes me ages to change my behaviour  - I think about something that I'd like to improve or change in my life for months and then once I decide I’m all in!

How do you find inspiration for the everyday?
In nature, with my partner who inspires me to keep growing, through my work and the amazing people I get to interact with and the ideas and books I cherish. 

Favourite local spot for a coffee, drink or feast?
Cat & Cow zero-waste café up the road from me in North Randwick.

Favourite summer activity?
Exploring our beautiful beaches – eastern suburbs, around the harbour or down the south coast in the National Park.

Just finished Normal People on Stan

Listening to? 
Kundalini chant music

No Drama Discipline to help with my parenting skills.

Thank you to Clara and her gorgeous son Alfie for having us and test-wearing our new summer blouse.

Thanks also to Kayleigh for your lovely photos.

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