Always a thrill to see our Good Day Girls sporting their new styles. Dale (mum of Alex and grandmother of Chloë), Alex (well you get the picture…) and Chloë took to the park for some bubble action. We have known these girls for quite some time, Chloë was only a dream when Alex first came to visit and most recently William arrived in the world (he chose to hang pram-side during this shoot).

Enthusiastic, positive, smart and fun are what these girls exude – they have an appreciation for style, the making of clothing and know how to put it together. Sartorial lessons learnt from Dale’s mum (Alex’s Granny…) who was both artist and handy with the machine – the love continues to run through the line. Be inspired by this trio – lovers of life!

What colour combinations make you feel happy?

Alex - anything bright, my wardrobe is full of corals, reds and greens, and of course white – lots of it.

Dale - blues & greens, pinks & oranges

Does Chloë have a favourite colour? In spite of my efforts to direct her towards something less girlie, it’s pink.

Favourite Flower?

Alex - peonies.

Dale - hellebores, I’ve got them planted all through my garden. 

How often do you see each other? Pretty much every day, Mum is renovating her house so we’re having family dinners which is really nice. Aside from this it’s generally at least every two days, we live a couple of streets from each other, it’s easy to pop in.

What is your favourite thing to do as a mother daughter?

Alex – Shopping! We do have a joint membership to the National Gallery of Australia and do make the trek down to Canberra for exhibitions, but not anywhere near as often as we’d like.

Dale – Retail therapy and spending time together.

Memories are in what we wear, what piece of clothing or accessory takes you immediately back to that moment?

Alex – Mum was given an Oroton silver glomesh bag as a 21st birthday present from her ever-so-stylish Godmother, and I always adored it as a child. I took it to my school formals and my wedding, it’s just gorgeous. One day I’ll inherit it (I hope!).

Dale – Dad gave Mum a pearl and white gold bracelet for her 21st, which she then had altered amd wore as a necklace when they were married.  Mum gave it to me on my 21st, and I wore it on my wedding day, and then Alex wore it on her wedding day too.

When you were growing up, is there a piece of clothing that you distinctly remember?

Alex - my grandmother had an amazing wardrobe and it’s one of the things I remember most about her, how she was always elegantly dressed even in the garden. She had a black & white shirt with Chinese characters on it when I was little and I always loved it. She passed away a few years ago and it was hanging in her wardrobe, and so now it’s in mine, in fact it even fits me!

Dale – Mum made all my dresses when I was little, so each of those holds a special memory, and I’ve still got a couple of them.  Mum made a patchwork quilt when Alex was little that included pieces of clothing that both she (Alex) & I had worn as girls for Alex’s bed.

Do you hoard and hang on to your clothes or do you regularly cleanse your wardrobe?

Alex – I’m a terrible hoarder, I’ve still got a wardrobe-full at Mum’s house! I am trying very hard at the moment to go through and cull, and donating things I don’t need anymore to charity.

Dale – I hoard…!

How important is it that your clothes are functional?

Alex – I’m on maternity leave at the moment, and so it’s even more important that my clothes are practical & functional when running after two children all day.

Dale – Very.

On wearing Good Day Girl, one word to describe how it feels:

Alex – Easy

Dale – Versatile

A very big thank you to Dale, Alex and Chloë - you are gorgeous girls!!!! And to patient William – you did well on your first shoot!

And muchas gracias to our fab photographer DEAN TIRKOT.

Dale is wearing our GOOD DAY GIRL Autumn Winter Flare Dress and Cocoon Coat, Alex is wearing our Drop TopPencil Skirt and Nipped in Jacket.




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