A family business that has been going for more than 90 years, PETER HEWETT OPTOMETRIST in Mosman knows eyes. With Carolyn travelling every year to Europe to hand-pick the season’s collection, they are my first and only stop to see the latest and greatest – we have a personal adoration for all things THEO

Along with the awesome frame action comes the service by the fab team. Service……let me repeat it….service – you get it in abundance. Hallelujah! We rocked into see the girls in action – and  what action it was……here Carolyn and Susan explore their multiple personalities donning their GOOD DAY GIRL garb from last season.

And if you have an eye-wear fetish or need some help finding the perfect frame/face combo visit the girls:

799 Military Road, Mosman, NSW 2088 Tel: 02 9968 4036

And a big thanks to Dean Tirkot for shooting up a storm!!!



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