Don’t you love it when you meet friends who are in total sync – there is a strong sense of ease, an inherent understanding and the laughter is loud. Belinda Smith and Jo Veitch are city girls – they work in the feisty world of finance, the city is their turf, they know their stuff and are good at it. We love playing dress-ups with these two – they know what they like but are equally happy to test the boundaries.

We asked them to test drive our Autumn Winter Collection – we wanted to see what it looked like on the streets – and how it would wear.

Belinda is wearing our Good Day Girl Pencil Skirt in orange, Loose Tuxedo Shirt in chambray and The Jacket in navy. Jo is wearing our Button Dress in steel with The Drop Top in stripes.

How long have you two been working together – did you meet on the job?

Belinda - Our friendship blossomed from our humble position as Desk Assistants at UBS Wealth Management in the early 2000′s. We have both successfully made our way up to being Client Advisers and even though we have our own client bases continue to support each other especially when it comes to marketing.

Jo – Twelve, going on thirteen years, Belinda was already at UBS when I started, we met at work and have had very similar work paths through to our current positions. In a male dominated position it is vital we have each other’s back!

What do you both admire about each other?

Belinda - I love that Jo can take a joke and has no qualms about standing up for herself in our mostly male dominated work environment. I have the utmost respect for her as an adviser and completely trust her. She did a wonderful job looking after my clients when I went on maternity leave a few years ago.

Jo - Belinda is a very centred person, she can always be relied on to offer support, guidance and advice. But then along with that she is also great fun, we have lots of laughs together and with our wider set of girlfriends.

Working in a corporate environment: how do you project your personality through what you wear?

Belinda - I try to steer away from the “corporate suit” look and wear a lot of coloured/patterned dresses. Add a smart black jacket and you always look professional and stylish.

Jo - I always like to add a pop of colour be it through material choice, jewellery or shoes and not conform to the corporate uniform, we are quite formal at work but that doesn’t mean you can’t also have a little fun.

What’s your most sentimental item you have in your wardrobe? Where does it transport you to?

Belinda - I’m addicted to wearing my hubby’s PJ bottoms around the house and to bed. I just love the feeling of relaxation they bring when I lounge around in them. That is also why I’m in love with Good Day Girl’s Happy Pants!

Jo - Jewellery that I inherited from my mother who passed away three years ago. I like to wear something of hers every day to feel that she is with me.

One thing that you carry in your handbag that is your “pick me up”?

Belinda - A bottle of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. A small spritz is all what it takes to make me feel fresh and bright again.

Jo - A bright lipstick, it’s an instant pick me up.

What must your clothes always do for you?

Belinda - Make me look stylish and feel confident.

Jo - They must make you feel good, if you are facing a tough situation or looking forward to a night out, it is equally important to feel confident in your clothes to let you tackle any situation with style.

Do you plan what you wear the night before or just grab from your wardrobe in the morning?

Belinda - With a toddler to also dress in the morning I’m definitely now a grab-from-your-wardrobe-in-the-morning girl.

Jo - A mixture of both – if I have a meeting or function I will generally plan, if not I’m a grab and go girl.

How do you like to relax?

Belinda - Nothing better than a glass of good wine in the company of my favourite girlfriends.

Jo - A good book and a good Chardonnay!

Do you have a favourite spot in the city for a drink or meal?

Belinda - Love escaping to ASH ST CELLAR for a sneaky wine and SPICE TEMPLE for their Asian inspired food and cocktails!

Jo – FIX ST JAMES has a great wine list and you can always try something new. Also I love SPICE TEMPLE for the food and the cocktails!

One word to describe how it feel to wear Good Day Girl?

Belinda - Stylish

Jo - Relaxed

A very big thank you to Belinda and Jo for being fab models for us… was a very hot and windy day – you did so well!!!

As always, thanks to Dean Tirkot for the photography.

And to FLOURISH FLOWERS for letting us in!




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