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Anna-Carin is a force of creative good. Heralding from Sweden, she has made Australia her home, establishing an interior design studio that specialises in high-end residential Scandinavian interiors. While doing so, she has collaborated with Designer Rugs, written a book on how to create a home you love and has just launched it's online course, divulging all of her secrets.

The embodiment of Scandinavian style, Anna-Carin chatted to us in her Design Studio located in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.

One thing you have learnt this year?
A virus requires a system upgrade.

How do you find inspiration for the everyday?  
I look inside and I look outside.

What is one thing that keeps you motivated? 
“Imagining,” it's my future script. I have a written description of how my truest most beautiful life looks. I read and add to it regularly, it’s as good as “real” life.

Your new online course - Make a Home to Love - looks amazing! How did it come about?
It evolved from my book, I wanted to help people find their authentic interior style, maximise their homes without costly renovations, shop smarter, learn how to style their homes like a pro and develop rituals to nurture it.

Three things that make for a good day? 
Coffee, friends and a creative activity, oh and swim + sauna sorry that’s more than three….

Favourite activity when you are spending time on your own? 
Sitting still and alternating between reading, thinking, resolving and dreaming.

Favourite activity when you’re spending time with family and friends?
Laugh, plan a meal, go to the market, prepare, cook, laugh, eat, drink, engage in deep conversation, laugh…..oh and did I mention laughing?

What’s a sustainable behaviour you have adopted for the everyday?
Black strong brewed coffee at home in my Mochamaster instead of take away, less but better shopping, walking to work, walking home from work, walking to the beach, I'm selling my car. 

What’s the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you still constantly wear? It's a Dries van Noten Jacket I bought in Stockholm at the NK department store when I was pregnant with my oldest son. He is now 25 so coming up to 26 years and I still wear it. It was on sale but I still remember it being a stretch. Definitely falls into the better lasts longer category.

Favourite local spot for a coffee, drink or feast?
Coffee at Alimentari Paddington and a drink at Dear St Eloise Potts Point both due to the great people who work there

I recently went to Albertos Lounge in the city the food was awesome and had the best meal in a long time.

Favourite summer activity? 
Hide in the shade.

I've started watching Nashville on Stan with my daughter. It's crazy compelling, full of love triangles, pills, tantrums and killer country western tunes. Have a serious celebrity crush on Deacon Claybourne played by Charles Esten.

Listening to? 
Binaural beats to sleep and audiobooks during all that walking.

The Wealthy Gardener
by John Soforic - it’s comparing life to a plot of land. "Gardeners are not afraid of working hard to shape their landscape, but they are also aware of a mysterious Unseen Force that operates behind the scenes to make the plants grow."

Awareness by Anthony de Mello - “react less and act more.”

That Will Never Work by Marc Randolph founder of Netflix - ha! 

Anna-Carin Design Studio specialises in high-end residential Scandinavian interiors.
You can also see her work with Designer Rugs here, check out her book, Make a Home to Love here and explore the new online course of the same name here.

Thank you so much Anna-Carin for playing and styling with us!

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